It is time to prioritize the protection of child rights online in the European Union based on the GDPR. Think tank Children & Adolescent Digital Rights Europe (Cadre), an initiative by Ezzev Foundation, provides an outline of a future online infrastructure for children and adolescents.

The online infrastructure presupposes a national federative authentication and validation infrastructure. This infrastructure should allow for an age verification mechanism, leading to age certificates on user devices. Individual users with an underaged certificate on their device will automatically encounter a different online experience compared to users with a not underaged certificate. This experience is to convey children a sense of safety as well as a sense of responsibility, a sense of freedom and a sense of solidarity with other children. The experience is to empower civic skills in children.

Please read the Cadre manifesto to understand why the online infrastructure is necessary.

The draft pilot project section outlines the first steps towards the realization of the online infrastructure.