CRIO pilot

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The objective of the pilot of project CRIO (Children’s Rights Infrastructure Online) is to help provide inter-sectoral, integrated and child-focused responses to address the individual and collective needs of children, as requested in the Child Rights Manifesto, in the online domain. It will try to achieve this objective by conducting a field trial of an online eIDAS-compatible technical infrastructure dedicated to the implementation of child rights, child protection mechanisms and parental consent mechanisms in one of the Member States, based on a feasibility study.

The pilot is to provide for all Member States insights in the benefits of more effectively facilitating rights of the child online as well as protection mechanisms for the child online and options for executing parental responsibilities online.

The pilot is to outline and trial:

  • reliable online checks to identify and protect or block under aged children at sites and apps processing personal data, providing peer-to-peer or one-to-many communication services, or providing goods and services that are potentially injurious for the child;
  • reliable consent mechanisms for the holders of parental responsibilities;
  • effective support mechanisms for children encountering difficult situations online;
  • an institution dedicated to defending child rights in the online domain;
  • online access options to EU content dedicated to children; and
  • participation mechanisms for children in the decision-making process of the infrastructure.

In the execution of the above tasks, the pilot is expected to involve relevant European and Member State stakeholders in the authentication and validation supply chain.