ezzev smallThe Ezzev Foundation is a small network foundation that aims to provide youngsters and parents who feel underprivileged with instruments to better achieve psychosocial integration – that is: a sense of belonging as well as autonomy and a sense of achievement.

Being founded in 2005, Ezzev has been a partner in numerous European projects dealing with youngster identities, the impact of technology, and the child Umfeld (peers, parents, school, institutions).

Ezzev is specialised in authentication and validation, adolescent development, augmented reality, film, and didactics. The foundation has access to a broad range of experts within these fields.

Ezzev is the author of the original Pilot Project.

softcream-logoSince our company was founded in 1991 we are active in the IT services market without a break. We design, create, maintain and develop IT systems for the industry, for public administration, and for big businesses as well as SMEs.

In our company projects are implemented in cooperation with our clients. This implementation is based on joint experiences starting from the analysis stage and strategy elaboration, to modeling and designing interfaces, through implementation, to continuous development.

We have implemented over 100 projects such as launching websites, intranets, Customer Relationship Management (CMR) systems, DMS systems, dedicated software, e-commerce solutions, advertising campaigns, competition software, and advisory services.

LOGO FOUNDATION CITIZEN PROJECT 2012 MASTERThe Citizen Project Foundation is active both on a European, a Polish national and a local (Gdańsk) level. Its main focus is the so-called education Triad (child–parent-teacher/ school). The foundation, for instance, teaches teachers on adolescents, engages parents actively in the classroom, and drafts and tests new curriculum modules.

A central target group for the foundation is formed by youngsters threatened by social exclusion.

The Citizen Project Foundation’s distinguishing features are: innovative dialogue mechanisms, self-presentation, mediation, intervision, augmented reality, film, and practical prophylactics.

appco-logoThe APPCO Foundation was founded by SoftCream Software Sp. z o.o. and registered on September 27, 2016.

The main goal of the Foundation is to disseminate modern technologies and promote Polish technologies on the market of ICT products and services.

The foundation is controlled by the Founder, the Foundation Council, and the Foundation Board.

Asset 10BWlogo2Established in 2017, Maria Gkiata – Ipiresies Ekpedefsis Meso Epimorfotikon Seminarion is a company specialised in providing services related to parents and children. Examples of these services are: providing training courses, pilot testing, extracting, mapping and sharing best practices, and providing project management.

The company has a wide network of collaborators in Greece and the European Union who can contribute to assigned tasks and activities through outsourcing.

The company is the result of years of experience in the fields of parent associations, parent-school relations and European project management.