Privacy is locking the door when you go to the toilet. Do you do something illegal in the toilet? No. Do you have something bad to hide? No. You do it because you do not want to share everything with everyone.

Now you may wonder: why choose such a vulgar metaphor for privacy? Because vulgar metaphors have the unique capacity to clarify very complicated issues.

Worse than you as an adult having sensitive information overshared is your child having vulnerable data overshared. This is like someone kicking in the door while your child is in the toilet and inviting a crowd over to watch. No one wants their child to experience such a traumatic event.

Should children then stop sharing vulnerable information? To paraphrase Edward Snowden: no, they shouldn’t change their behavior because some people do the wrong thing. They should feel safe to do things that children do.

We call on lawmakers and technicians to start making the protection of the child data a priority. We consider the introduction of the GDPR a good start to step up child privacy protection. Now we call on you to give the GDPR teeth so that children can feel safe to do things that children do.